Need Help With Anniversary Ideas?

Whether you’re looking for gift, party, date, or vacation anniversary ideas, step-by-step help is only a click away. 

Are you tired of wasting time browsing websites for anniversary ideas only to see obvious suggestions like "Hey, have a picnic," "Buy a bouquet of flowers," or "Go to the movies"?  At we are bubbling over with imaginative ideas and step-by-step directions for making them happen. 

Hot-Air-Balloon at Sunrise Anniversary Idea

Looking for something adventurous or wild this year? How about watching the sun rise while soaring over the treetops in a hot-air balloon? Too mild? What about holding your lover's hand as you free fall to the earth from an airplane 12,000 feet above ground? Sure beats dinner and a movie.

Not your cup of tea? Ever thought about surprising your spouse with a present or flower every hour of the day? Then leave a trail of love notes scattered around the house for him/her to find, each one leading to a planned location - a candlelit dinner, a lavender-scented bath, or a bed of roses.

Whatever your tastes, we have great anniversary ideas for the different years, all centered around the theme for that year, whether traditional or modern (if you're not sure what the theme for your anniversary year is check out our anniversary symbols chart).

But we don't just provide you with anniversary ideas. We provide you with a full package:

  • Creative and thoughtful gift suggestions

  • Original and detailed date ideas, right down to the floating candles, romantic poetry, and scattered rose petals

  • Party planning, including invitations, decorating, favors, menu, and entertainment

  • Romantic vacation ideas, from the exotic to your own backyard

Even though all of our ideas are tailored to a specific year's theme, don't be afraid to mix and match. For instance, with a little tweaking, a gift or date idea crafted for the first anniversary year's "paper" theme may work just as well for year four's "fruit and flowers" theme.

Anniversary Gift Buying Reference List
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And for the man or woman who needs a little extra help, we even created an all essentials list (click here for a PDF) for help with remembering important details about your spouse: birthday and anniversary, clothing size, ring size, favorite perfume, cologne, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Everything is already done for you!

If you really want to dazzle your spouse this year, come on in, have a look around, and bag, buy, borrow, or steal any idea you like. 

We at are committed to making the world more exciting, loving, daring . . . one step, one couple, one anniversary at a time.

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