15th Wedding Anniversary

15th Anniversary Crystal Decanter
15th Anniversary Rose
15th Anniversary Ruby Gemstone

The 15th Wedding Anniversary is the first truly expensive anniversary.

The materials, or symbols, associated with each anniversary gradually increase in strength and value each year. This is to reflect the steady strengthening of marriage over time.

Crystal (the traditional 15th wedding anniversary symbol), with its value, beauty, and clarity, appropriately represents what a 15-year marriage should look like.

If you haven't invested much time or money in past anniversaries (or even if you have), this is the year to do it up big.

Below we provide ideas for an elegant crystal dinner party and a romantic getaway for the anniversary couple.

Whatever you decide to do, don't forget to incorporate the symbols of the 15th anniversary into your plans. The traditional symbol is crystal, the modern symbol is watches. The flower is the rose, the gemstone is the ruby (or, alternatively, Alexandrite).


15th Anniversary Invitation
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A formal dinner party is a fitting way to celebrate the 15th wedding anniversary milestone.  Invitations should be proper and elegant.

There is no need to purchase invitations unless you want to; they are quite easy to make using a standard word processing program.

The details need be no more than the name of the anniversary couple, date, time, address, and RSVP contact information.

The invite request may take a simple form such as "Please join us as we celebrate [couple's names] 15th wedding anniversary." Add an attractive border or design, such as a fleur-de-lis, and print.

Attach to cardstock. When choosing cardstock, consider sparkly, crystal-like cardstock and/or red. The 15th anniversary flower is the rose and the gemstone is the ruby, so red should be prominent throughout this anniversary.

NOW for the final touch that will WOW your guests. Slide a pretty piece of wire-edged ribbon through a ribbon buckle slider and adhere the ends of the ribbon to the back of the card using double-sided tape, glue, or other adhesive.

Attach a crystal pendant or bead to the buckle slider for a gorgeous embellishment. Then mail or hand-deliver your invitations.

You can use a clip, such as a monogrammed clip, instead of a slider. Just make sure that whatever you use has plenty of crystal sparkle. Using adhesive rhinestones (found at craft stores) is also a great (and inexpensive) way to add crystal "bling" to your invitation.

Click on the picture for inspiration!


Table Setting

15th Anniversary Crystal Table Setting
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The invitations have been sent. Now it's time to decorate your table in a manner suitable to the occasion. Use as much crystal as is available to you:

Crystal goblets, stemware, salt and pepper shakers, gravy boat, butter dish, bowls, platters, decanters, napkin rings, candlesticks, and vases.

Since crystal is a type of glass, other glassware is acceptable and will, in fact, complement the crystal. Use a red tablecloth and other red accents in keeping with the anniversary's theme. A white tablecloth would also be quite exquisite and can be accented with red chargers or red napkins.

Place a real or candy rose next to or on each plate as part of the dinner decor and a gift for each guest.


15th Anniversary Table Centerpiece
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Creating a beautiful centerpiece does not have to be difficult. Simplicity often has an understated elegance. 

Whether simple or elaborate, the centerpiece is one of the most important elements of the table setting. As the center of attention, it sets the theme and mood of the dinner.

A crystal bowl or vase(s) filled with flowers (preferably red, preferably roses) may be just the right touch.

But for something truly stunning, submerge artificial flowers under water in a tall, clear, vase with crystal gems and a floating candle (
add an inexpensive, submersible, water light for added flair).

Set the vase on top of a round or square display mirror surrounded by tea lights or glass votive candles.

Scatter acrylic gems, or faux ice crystals, and/or artificial rose petals on the table.

Epsom salt crystals sprinkled liberally around the centerpiece will also sparkle attractively.

Play soothing classical piano or jazz music to add ambiance or play songs that were popular 15 years ago.

Rock Candy Cocktail

Rock Candy Champagne Cocktail
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In keeping with the crystal theme of the 15th wedding anniversary, serve rock candy swizzle sticks with champagne, Prosecco, or sparkling cider.

Although rock candy sticks can be found at candy shops and party supply stores, consider making your own. If you have children, this can be a way to include them in the festivities.

Making the swizzle sticks is easy, but it takes a week, so give yourself time.


Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks
  1. Bring 1 cup water to a boil.
  2. Slowly stir in 3 cups sugar until dissolved.
  3. Add a few drops food coloring and/or 1/2 teaspoon extract, if desired.
  4. Pour syrup mixture into glass or jar.
  5. Attach clothespin to bamboo skewer and lower skewer into center of glass/jar and syrup mixture, but do not let skewer touch bottom or sides.
  6. Rest clothespin across lip of glass/jar.
  7. Cover with paper towel and let sit for 1 week. Enjoy.

Romantic Getaway

Hotel Haven

Tub Surrounded by Candles & Rose Petals

After celebrating this anniversary with friends and family, sneak away for a night or two for a relaxing and intimate time just for the two of you.

Go to a hotel with a an in-room jacuzzi hot tub. Arrange glass votives and candles in crystal candlesticks around the tub. Scatter rose petals around (or even inside) the tub
and enjoy a private moment.

Crystal Caving

Cave with Pool

Ever been spelunking? It's exploring caves.

Crystal caves, known for the icicle-like rock structures that adorn the inside (i.e., stalactites and stalagmites), are located throughout the world.

Crystal Cave

What could be more exciting than discovering the vast interior of these subterranean worlds with their dark crevices, secret passageways, cascading waterfalls, and natural beauty?

Schedule a tour and enjoy a romantic getaway. Happy 15th wedding anniversary!

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