5 Year Anniversary Gift

Congratulations on reaching your 5 year milestone anniversary. Are you in for a treat! We have lots of great ideas for a 5 year anniversary gift.

The traditional anniversary symbol for the 5th year of marriage is wood. Silverware is the modern trend. The 5th year's stone is sapphire (or alternatively, pink tourmaline) and the flower is the Daisy.

Photo Transfer to Wood

Wood Photo Transfer Project
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There are many anniversary gifts you can buy or make that are made from wood: a clock, jewelry box, cigar box, puzzle, and furniture are some examples. 

How about personalizing your wood gift with a touching and memorable photograph? It will make your gift extra special.  Wedding pictures are especially great for this. And if any little ones have come along in the past 5 years, include them also.

Transferring a photo to wood is easy to do and it looks amazing! All it takes is a few simple supplies and a couple of easy steps...

Wood Photo Transfer Supplies


  • Wood Block
  • Photograph (printed in reverse)
  • Gel Medium (found at craft and paint supply stores)
  • Clear Sealer
  • Foam Brush
  • Water and Rag
  • Rolling Pin or Paint Roller (optional)


Wood Photo Transfer Step 1

STEP 1. UPLOAD a photograph to your favorite photo editing software such as Photoshop (we use PicMonkey, a FREE program available online).

Wood Photo Transfer Step 2

STEP 2. REVERSE the photo (this option is usually available under the Rotate section of basic edits) and print using a laser printer.

Wood Photo Transfer Step 3

STEP 3. Using a foam brush, apply a generous but thin layer of GEL MEDIUM to the face of the photo and/or wood surface.

Wood Photo Transfer Step 4

STEP 4. Place photo face down on top of wood block and smooth out any air bubbles with your hand or a rolling pin. ALLOW 8-10 HOURS TO DRY.

Wood Photo Transfer Step 5

STEP 5. Gently rub off the paper fibers using your fingers or a rag and some water. Allow a few minutes drying time in order for paper fibers/fuzzies to reappear. Repeat until paper fibers/fuzzies are completely removed.

Wood Photo Transfer Step 6
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STEP 6. Apply a coat of CLEAR SEALER to your project and allow to dry. Enjoy your wood photo transfer!


Jewelry/Cigar Box

So what wood gifts can you add a photo to?

How about a jewelry or cigar box? Purchase a finished or unfinished wood box, with or without a clasp or lock, and add your picture.

Put your photo transfer on the top of or inside the box and even paint or stain the box with a wood varnish. Get creative!

Wood Jewelry Box
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For example, using PicMonkey, we made a photo collage using pictures of us at various stages in our relationship.

We centered thumbnail pictures of us around one big picture of our family and added a caption: "Happiness is Family."

Click on the picture to enlarge it and get inspired! 

some photos used courtesy of Kimberly Renee Photography

Wood Clock

Wood Clock Kit

Another idea is to make a wood clock and add a picture to the face. Clock kits are relatively inexpensive (generally between $5 and $10).

Purchase a kit and a round piece of wood with a hole pre-drilled in the middle (or drill the hole yourself).

Follow the steps above for the photo transfer and create something extra special as a 5 year anniversary gift for your spouse. He/she will love it!

Wood Clock
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Other Wood Photo Transfers

But don't stop there! There are lots of other wood gifts you can personalize with a photo transfer:

  • Cutting Board
  • Coasters
  • Cubes
  • Clip Board
  • Chairs & Tables


Photo Puzzles

Photo puzzles are great 5 year anniversary gifts. Made from wood, how can you go wrong?

Wood Photo Puzzle
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For just $20, we purchased a 252-piece wood puzzle from Shutterfly... starring us.

It took only a minute to upload a wedding photo and less than a week to have the puzzle delivered to our doorstep complete with a gift box.

We had hours of fun piecing the puzzle together and were amazed with the results!

Apply puzzle glue to preserve your memory and place in a wood frame.

3-D Wood Puzzles

Another kind of puzzle is the 3-D wood puzzle.

These typically come with sheets of interlocking puzzle pieces to punch out and put together.

Artminds sells 3-d puzzles for around $5-$10. They are great fun to put together and can be painted before being displayed.

Great for the hobbyist or model/miniature enthusiast - your spouse will love it!

Remember the ship he told you he had as a kid, or the dollhouse she enjoyed playing with... Now is the time to put a smile on your spouse's face!

Wooden Ship Puzzle
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Painted Wooden Ship Puzzle
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Looking for something unique? Remember dioramas? Buy miniature wood doll house furniture and display them in a trophy case.

You could even arrange the furniture to re-create your first date or another romantic scene memorable to the two of you!

Melissa & Doug make a great line of doll house furniture.

Doll House Furniture Diorama
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5 year old wine

Wine is a great gift for any anniversary.

Here's an idea: buy a wine aged 5 years, the vintage being from the year you were married.

Then purchase an unfinished wine crate from a craft store and paint it. Superglue letters on one side that spell out "YEAR 5."

Add some straw or crinkle paper and your vintage wine. It's the perfect 5 year anniversary gift.

5 year anniversary gift
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Monogram Gift

Monogrammed Wood Pencils
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A simple and inexpensive 5 year anniversary gift is a set of monogrammed wood pencils.

This is an especially appropriate gift for an anniversary party.

If you are planning on celebrating your 1st milestone anniversary with others, monogrammed pencils are an elegant touch.

Have your names and the dates of your marriage imprinted on the front of the pencils.

For example: “Andrew and Kristina, 2008-2013.”

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