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Hi there.  We’re Andrew and Kristina Byers and we are thrilled you found our website on anniversary ideas! 

We are a couple, married 8 years with a 6-year old son. We enjoy finding new and creative ways to make each other smile and keep passion and romance alive in our relationship. 

That’s why we think celebrating wedding anniversaries is so important.  Anniversaries are chances to renew our love and commitment and express appreciation to each other.

We started this website to help married couples discover creative anniversary ideas for celebrating their special days and building up their marriage.

For us, celebrating special moments all began...

Our Story: The Proposal


On a sunny November morning we drove to Monterey to enjoy a relaxing day on the coast.  Little did I know that what I thought was a spur-of-the moment decision was anything but for Andrew.  He had been planning this trip for months. 

After a leisurely afternoon shopping on Cannery Row and taking in the sights, Andrew casually suggested we tour the famous 17-Mile Drive (after all, we might even get to see Clint Eastwood’s house!). 

Thinking nothing of it, I got back in the car and we were off! 

As the sun was going down, we decided to stop the tour at Spanish Bay and watch the sun set.  From out of nowhere Andrew produced a picnic basket, champagne flutes, a blanket, and, of all things, an acoustic guitar! 

I started to wonder if something was up... 


Once settled on a perfectly secluded spot in a cove on the beach, I began to play my guitar... an eclectic mix of Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, and classical music. 

Kristina didn’t seem to care that my voice was sometimes strained, or that, in my nervousness, the notes and chords were not always right. 

Against the sunset and crashing waves the music was beautiful.  In that moment everything was picture-perfect. 

Then setting my guitar aside, I launched into a 30-minute speech on marriage, the meaning of life, and why we just had to be together. 


More than once we had to move our blanket and picnic basket to avoid getting wet since the sun had finally gone down and the moon was pulling the tide further and further onto shore (of course, we were able to laugh about it later!).  

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Andrew opened a jewelry box he had been hiding in his pocket and I heard those four words I had been waiting months to hear...

Will you marry me? 

Of course I said yes and gave Andrew a big hug and a long, drawn out kiss!


But, unfortunately, Kristina couldn’t see the ring because it had gotten dark during my lengthy speech.  So I had to hike the short distance back to the car and get a flashlight so Kristina could see the diamond (and re-evaluate her decision!). 

And even though our clothes were soaking wet (from the one time we didn't judge the tide quite right) and things didn’t go exactly according to my plan (proposing right at sunset), it was a thoroughly romantic and absolutely unforgettable experience. We will cherish the memory for the rest of our lives.

As you can see, we really like to find unusual, fun, and very special ways to enjoy each other and our relationship.

That’s one of the reasons we created anniversary-ideas-step-by-step.com. We want to share some of our ideas with you and have you tell us some of the things you do to celebrate your special days.

We hope this site will become a source of inspiration, practical steps, fun stories, daring challenges, and never-before-thought-of suggestions that will help your marriage grow and thrive.

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